Tea time is my time

Big Boo is the biggest and strongest of all the Sunny Bunnies, but he’s also a bit of a clumsy sometimes! He’s super friendly and is very laid back to go with it. Big Boo has got an insatiable sweet tooth. He is devoted to weightlifting and many other sports and is keen on taking part in every competition there is.

Big Sis - Iris!

Iris is the most quick-witted of all the Bunnies and she’s got the looks to go with it. Iris likes doing things her own way and once she’s decided on something, don’t bother trying to stop her. She just adores travel and knows all sorts of games and practical jokes. She’s never seen without her bow.

Hop to the top!

Hopper is lightning fast and unstoppable. He’s the youngest of the Sunny Bunnies team and is always in the very centre of all the mischief! He is responsible for most of the adventures but has a way of destroying everything in his path.

I make life shiny!

Ola-la Shiny is very outgoing and loves having fun. She can be emotional and a little fussy sometimes as she wants things to be perfect. She knows how to get her own way and to solve problems often resorts to bursting into tears. She is an all-round creative and sensitive spirit, who loves stylish accessories and closely follows her sister in everything that she does.

There's always a way!

Turbo is the self-appointed leader of the Sunny Bunnies. He’s both smart and self-assured. He likes things to be in order and because of this, he is often the one who has to solve problems created by his mischievous buddies. He’s also fond of having a good grumble when situations get out of control – which they always do when Sunny Bunnies are around!

Tidying up is fun!

A multitasking robot named S-Marty, who is making sure the park is always kept nice and tidy. He’s strict, organized and punctual. S-Marty also has fantastic accessory tools, which he uses whenever they are needed. He can also store objects inside his body. S-Marty has clever telescopic hands and legs which help him reach items and can also lift him up. As you can see - S-Marty is very special and a real technological miracle!